EFT Groups

Susan runs EFT groups in Hastings on the South Coast. If you feel a little stressed or just want to explore a problem you have, these groups could be your answer. Please contact Susan for more information.

Watch by clicking the link below http://theamt.com/interview_with_susan_kennard.htm

             Is it possible that right from the moment of conception our perceptions are beginning to form? Is it possible that during pregnancy that we not only gain physical nourishment from our mother but also emotional nourishment? Therefore is it possible to gain not only the positive energy but also…   Read More 

Stress Clinic

May 17th, 2012    EFT Groups    No comments yet

Susan Kennard’s Stress Clinic!   Do you feel as if you are carrying a weight on your shoulders? Do you feel that life is getting you down? Are you so stressed that you can’t think clearly?   Susan Kennard’s stress clinic may just be the answer for you!!! EFT (emotional freedom technique) is a cutting…   Read More