Children helping them to remember the power within

Susan uses a combination of many years experience of working professionally with children in local authority, her training in psychology, psychotherapy and Emotional Freedom Threapy which is a combination of traditional training, visualisation processes and accessing the Healer Within and her finely tuned intuition. Individually or in small groups, she will work with children that have difficulties.  These children are usually very sensitive and may have been excluded from school; have problems maintaining friendships; can be aggressive with violent outbursts or feeling low. They can feel isolated and alone with these feelings.   Susan also works with children that have been abused. I have found that children have the ability to shine and that as we help them to clear the unwanted emotions that lead them to feel less powerful, they access their own healer within, feel happier and free. Susan works indivdually with children and runs workshops. A workshop will last for a morning or an afternoon. Workshops are bespoke depending on the age of the child. These can be utilised in schools as can private individual sessions. Venues are available in a wide variety of locations across London and the South East. If you are interested or have further questions, please contact Susan to discuss your requirements.