Emotional Freedom Sessions, accessing the Healer Within

Emotional Freedom is for you if you would like to release any unwanted emotions or limiting beliefs. We travel through our lives reacting to situations and people without really knowing why. We hold this trigger within our cells as a cell memory, this is held within the primitive part of our brain. The way we react today is never about today it always has an earlier experience to be triggered by. Headaches and unwellness all might originate from our emotions and therefore could have an early causal trigger.  It is our energy mind and energy body telling us that there is something wrong that we are not listening to our emotional needs and we are not in alignment with our true spiritual purpose. People have aches and pains and put them down to old age or ‘thats just me, I have always had that bad back or stiff neck’ By accessing your own Healer Within, it is possible that you can let go of and release those negative emotions. Whether you have suffered childhood trauma, just want to feel less anxious, experience worry or stress or want to give something up, accessing your own Emotional Freedom could be for you. Emotional Freedom Therapy is great if you are feeling stuck in your life, feeling inhibited by habits or just have low self -esteem or self worth. Our primitive brain is very clever, however it holds onto that fight or flight reflex, which as we grow older sometimes doesn’t serve us anymore. An example could be that when we were 2 yrs old, we trod on a spider, it made us jump, it held the emotion of fear. At 42, we still react that way when we see a spider. We have no idea why but we go into a cold sweat, scream, feel sick or just run away. We cant stop the reaction. Emotional Freedom Therapy can access your own healer and therefore beliefs. this allows a new perception of belief.  The memory will be stored but not the fight or flight fear reflex. Accessing your own healer is a way to release unwanted stress or trauma. We are integrated beings ,with the ability to access our own intuition.  We know that our brain has the capability to change neural pathways so I invite you to think about your own possibility to heal. Due to the neuroplasticity of the brain, it is possible that the neural pathways in the brain are changed by accessing your own Emotional Freedom and the negative imprint is replaced by a new positive one. If you would like to know more or book a session please contact Susan.