How Can accessing Emotional Freedom Help Me?

  Are you one of those people who have tried everything to heal? Have you tried every diet, quit smoking program and therapy there is to offer. Are you afraid of heights or flying or even mice? Emotional Freedom Therapy is a way of you accessing your own individual path of healing. I have found through anecdotal evidence that some people are even able to release the symptoms of post trauma stresses.  It is important to note that we do not claim to heal or cure, you are the one to heal yourself with the ability to access your own healer within.  My experience with meeting over 200 veterans has shown me that by releasing stress and unwanted perceptions of belief their flashbacks, fear and agoraphobia can be lessended and in some cases cleared. If this sounds like you, I would like to introduce you to Emotional Freedom Therapy to access your own Healer Within. Problems originating from emotions ( note you must also see your GP as we are not medical practitioners) Emotional Freedom is working with your own energy system, your own Healer Within allowing you to release and clear unwanted emotions. Emotional Freedom accesses your own inner power to heal yourself often works where every other things fail. In fact accessing your own Healer Within you can help with virtually every emotional problem you can think of. It is an alternative therapy where healing is done in a natural process by accessing unwanted emotion, visualisation and  afirmation. Accessing Emotional Freedom allows the balancing energy disruptions in your body and releasing the negative emotions. Emotional Freedom is a 100% natural way to comfort and heal people as you are your own Healer Within. Please contact Susan Kennard a to book a session, do a course or join a group, or just for a chat about how access your own Emotional Freedom and how that can help you.