Sparkle to Success

Sparkle to Success Training Become a ‘Sparkle Energy Practitioner’ Would you like to create more success in your life? Would you like to clear those energy blocks that restrict you from creating the life you deserve? Would you like to have the skills to help your clients do the same? Learn to use these processes to add to your practice and use for yourself to create an amazing life. These processes are powerful and help you get to the heart and soul of the energy block without needing to know anything. I am excited to share these with you as I have with many of my students who use them alongside their usual practice. We will also be clearing vows and oaths and many other ancestral beliefs’ that hold you back from being the empowered being you were meant to be. This is a transformative 3 days and for those who want to catapult themselves out in the world. Below is a list of processes I have created alongside my favourite processes that I use; Theta Healing, Rahanni and EFT. Sparkle Energy Practitioner Processes created by Susan Kennard Emotional Wall Process Projector process Colour energy clearing Time Travelling and Healing Hearts Cutting cords Soul Re-birthing Guided visualisation and activation   Other practices Theta Healing Clearing vows and oaths using created by Vianna Stibal Birth re-imprinting Sharon King Sound healing Various Energy EFT Silvia Hartmann 5D Angelic Rahanni healing Carol Stacey

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