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Immediate shift in relationship

  Submitted by Sharon       May 10th, 2017      Testimonials

I would just like to say that after just one session with Susan my relationship with my mother shifted completely. I have no idea how the processes she used achieved this. I have felt like my mother’s parent for most of my life and she is suddenly speaking to me in a motherly way. Just…   Read More 

Free from trauma and medication

  Submitted by       February 4th, 2017      Testimonials

TESTIMONIAL FOR SUSAN I went to see Susan Kennard last June 2016 as I had been in psychotherapy and Counselling for years. This had helped me but still my days were haunted with Flashbacks, Depression and Anxiety. This was due to four years of sexual abuse age 7-11. Rape. A series of abusive relationships, bullying…   Read More 


  Submitted by Nicki       November 19th, 2016      Testimonials

After attending a VIP day with Susan I can honestly say I don’t know how she did it but as the day progressed and we dealt with each issue one by one I began to feel lighter and care free for the first time in a very long time and everything suddenly made sense ….   Read More 

Reassuringly expensive

  Submitted by Colin Larcombe       November 18th, 2016      Testimonials

I have tried a number of therapists in my time.They all have their tools for making you better. The difference with Susan is that she brings not only a toolbox but the whole mobile garage to work on your issues. Never in my life have I relived so much trauma and had so much relief….   Read More 

Im on my way!

  Submitted by Stephanie Seeley       August 18th, 2016      Testimonials

For the last three weeks l have been visiting susan on a weekly basis and l can honestly say she has changed my life. I am now in such a better space, l can see things changing. Susan has helped me free myself of past experiences and l now know l can go forward into…   Read More