What is Emotional Freedom?

Creating Emotional Freedom is a journey of self discovery and empowerment and accessing the Healer Within.

If you imagine that when you are a baby or child, you experience a trauma, could be anything but in a child’s mind it was confusing, shocking or seriously abusive, then later in life, for example in combat situations, accidents, abuse and serious shock that fight or flight response is activated, reignited within the brain. This is to keep us safe but it doesn’t have anyway of communicating this to the language part of the brain so we then revert back to the fear that we had then. The mind and body response is shock, fear and get me out of here usually.

Emotional Freedom enables by the process of acknowledging the feeling and fear and by using different energy processes release the trauma which is held in the cell as a memory. This release is such a profound rewiring that it leaves you feeling emotionally free. You are literary re-wiring your brain.

All my clients report feeling lighter, free and more at ease and confident with a feeling of empowerment as they are the one accessing the Healer Within.  The war veterans that I have spoken to report of no longer having flashbacks, fear and the feeling of being on guard.

It is of course advisable to contact your GP for any physical or emotional symptoms as we re not medical practitioners.