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2021 Healing Retreat: (Part I) Loving Yourself Unconditionally & Bringing In More Self-Love

This is a REPLAY of Susan's 2 hour Monthly Healing Retreat FEBRUARY 2021.

In Part I of our monthly Healing Retreat, you will be Loving Yourself Unconditionally & Bringing in More Self-Love.

It's time to bring in more loving energy into your heart and the only way to do this is by healing all your childhood perceptions of LOVE. That inner child of yours knows exactly where it hurts the most, so why not let her/him come out and heal those aspects. When we heal those parts of us that feel sad, left out, alone, unloved, and more, then we are able to bring in more love into your heart and expand it out into the world. When you love yourself unconditionally with no reservations, that's when you are able to manifest your heart's desires. So join us to heal and clear your old thoughts and experiences about love and bring in more self-love!