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2022 Healing Retreat: (Part I) Vortex of Healing

This is a replay of Susan's February 2022 Intuitive Healing Retreats Part I.

In Part I of our monthly Intuitive Healing Retreat, you will be a part of a special Vortex of Healing.

Are you ready to ascend in this month of February? Lots of shifts are happening at this time, especially in the 5th Dimension. We are getting ready to ascend into a New Earth. In this month's healing retreats, we will heal on a very deep level. During this event, you will let go, release, and heal your past lives, ancestral lineages, inner child, and more! This Vortex of Healing will catapult you to the next level of your ascension and integrate your higher self. You will let go anything that is not part of the sacral love frequency. You will also connect with your Council of Light to know what you need to heal to move forward. Let's Heal first to be ready to Love & Unite even more!