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2023 Healing Retreat: (Part II) Merging Your MultiDimensional Timelines of Your Physical Body

This is a replay of Susan's January & February's 4-Part 2023 Intuitive Healing Retreats 

This is Part II of the Quantum Timeline Activation Series.

Topic: Merging Your MultiDimensional Timelines of Your Physical Body

Are you ready to be on your most optimal timeline?

In this 4-Part Quantum Timeline Activation Series, you will merge your MultiDimensional Timelines in different areas of your life.

Did you know that you have multiple timelines running at the same time? Yes, it's true! Now, it's time to merge them into the ONE best, optimal timeline for you depending on your frequency, you go to the next optimal one.

So what are timelines? Timelines are different versions of yourself, just like in the Dr. Strange Movie about the Multiverse. We live on a variety of timelines that are now, as we evolve and step onto the Golden Age, merging into one. This is because we are ready to be ONENESS and we are coming back to this as we merge into ONE timeline. We know that time does not exist and it is not linear, even though in this 3D world we seem to be governed by it. We exist in the NOW, not in the past and not in the future, but in the present moment. As we live in the now moment, we know that all our parallel lives are also happening, but now we are ready to merge them into one single, best, and optimal timeline.

In these 4 retreats, we will be merging your multidimensional timelines in the areas of Self-Love (Part I), Your Physical Body (Part II), Relationships (Part III), and Your Spiritual Mission (Part IV). Susan and her guides will be doing a series of activation, light language transmissions, and healing in areas of childhood trauma, akashic records, past lives, and more.

Get ready to become ONE with your Multidimensional self in all areas of your life!