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2023 Healing Retreat: (Part II) Activating & Integrating Your True Divine Self

This is a replay of Susan's May 2-Part 2023 Intuitive Healing Retreats.

This is Part II of the Power of Your Pure Potential Series.

Topic: Activating & Integrating Your True Divine Self

With your True Power Within All Possibilities Exist!

In this 2-Part Power of Your Pure Potential Series, you clear your blocks to align and integrate to your true divine self.

The power of NOW is very important. In our world today, we are always in our mind thinking of either the past or the future, not realizing that there is only the present. Through this, we are unaware that unconsciously we are still creating our life in this way. We don't realize that we have the potential to create our own world as we see fit. We forget that we have a uniquely extraordinary power within us. There is so much potential within our true selves that is mind-blowing. We are multi-dimensional beings with so much possibilities, yet we underestimate ourselves. We think of ourselves at 3D beings, yet as we keep ascending into 5D the power of potential increases significantly. As grasp the new Earth and live in the now moment, we bring all the possibilities of our true potential within our experience.

These retreats will help you clear your own self-sabotage blocks, childhood trauma, akashic records, and all your lifetimes where your true pure potential was hindered. As you clear and release this, you begin to align and integrate to your amazing, divine self! Let's clear everything that is stopping you from excelling and standing in your true potential and possibilities in all areas of your life.

Join us on these incredible retreats and bring out the potential within you! True greatness is within and it's time to live in the now to explore it.