$111.00 USD

Sparkle To Success

Sparkle to Success Online is a homestudy program for you to do at home and at your own pace.

With these processes will be able to heal yourself. These processes will allow you to release unwanted childhood trauma, limiting beliefs, old energies holding you back inclusive of past lives that you have brought in with you to heal in this time. By doing this you are shifting to new timelines, your mission will become much easier for you to accomplish when you are sparkling brightly.

Included in this package are these processes:

Full Color, Sparkle to Success Step-By-Step Brochure
Earth Star, Soul Star Meditation
Colour Energy Clearing
Emotional Wall Process
Time Traveling with Your Inner Child & Healing Hearts
Projector Process
Cutting the Ties that Bind with Forgiveness
Mirror Process
Forgiveness Letter