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3-Day Masterclass Replays - Accessing Your MultiDimensional Gifts & Spirit Guides

Join our 3-day masterclass to access your multidimensional gifts and your Spirit Guides.

​It’s time to bring those gifts to the world and deepen your connection with your Spirit Guides. Lots of clearing, releasing, and healing will take place in this special 3-day event where we will clear physical, emotional, and the crystalline field to bring about those amazing gifts within. We will use Susan’s special recipe to connect with your Guides throughout this event. Your multidimensional gifts and connection are already within you, we just need to bring them out to access and activate them.

Each day we will be clearing, releasing, and healing aspects of our inner child, ancestral lineage, and past lives, and other areas. As we let go of these nuances in our frequency, we embody our true self. As our Multidimensional gifts begin to emerge, which can include our clairs (clairvoyance, clairsentient, clairaudience, Clair cognizance), we align to our guidance, mission, and start to manifest with ease and grace.

Day 1: We will work with building more trust with your Guides and clearing blocks to your Multidimensional Gifts.

Day 2: We will work with accessing and awakening your Multidimensional Gifts using the Akashic Records.

Day 3: We will work with activating gifts with Galactic Codes allowing more access to your Spirit Guides.

On Day 3 of this event, you will also be placed in a New, never before created, Akashic Galactic Healing Chamber to help you continually clear blocks to allowing your multi-dimensional gifts. Join us as we create this healing chamber together with Susan, her guides, and the galactic beings of light. Be a part of this healing chamber for 1 month.