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2021 Healing Retreat: (Part II)

2021 Healing Retreat: (Part II) Healing & Clearing the Times In Your Past Lives, Ancestral Lineage & Akashic Records You Felt Unprotected

This is a replay of Susan's July Intuitive Healing Retreats Part II.

In Part II of our monthly intuitive Healing Retreat, you will be Healing & Clearing the Times in Your Past Lives, Ancestral Lineage & Akashic Records that You Felt Unprotected.

It takes time to heal your past wounds, so in our second retreat, we will dive deeper with feeling unprotected. There are many times where you could have felt these strong emotions in your past lives, ancestral lineage, and Akashic Records, so we will look into these and bring healing with light language and different processes! You might see some aspects of these traumas in your current life, and that's because it will keep showing up in your world until it is completely healed. So let's heal these together and see how your life shifts!