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2023 Healing Retreat: (Part III) Activating Your Starseed Physical Body

This is a replay of Susan's June & July's 4-Part 2023 Intuitive Healing Retreats. 

This is Part III of the Starseed DNA Activation Series

Topic: Activating Your Starseed Physical Body

You are a Starseed and it's time to Activate your DNA.

In this 4-Part Starseed DNA Activation series, you will access your Starseed Essence and activate your DNA to quantum leap to your highest timeline.

A Starseed is a multidimensional being who is here to raise the vibration of the planet. They have a special mission on Earth. They are positive beings with a deep connection to the mind, body, and soul as one. They are also often old souls with deep spiritual wisdom that have recurrently reincarnated on Earth and can come from star systems such as the Sirian, Pleiadian, Arcuturian, Orion, Lyrian, Andromedian and others.

A Starseed's journey here on Earth is never easy. It can be long and hard for many as they keep growing in their soul's journey. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to stay the track. The Starseed DNA activation journey is an ongoing process because aligning to this truth can take time. Yet, once on the soul's mission it can be a very rewarding experience. Activating your Starseed DNA will help you connect with your Starseed essence and help you connect with your star family, consciousness, and planet.

This 4-part retreat will come with lots of clearing for blocks to your Starseed essence, past-lives, childhood traumas, and anything that's in your way to fully activate your Starseed DNA. As you clear and release through your emotional body, physical body, and crystalline body, you will also align to your most optimal Starseed timeline to be more fully on your mission. Light Language encoded healing, galactic activations and more will come through during these retreats from Susan and her guides.