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2023 Healing Retreat: (Part IV) Aligning with your Highest Timeline to your Divine Feminine

This is the replay of Susan's August & September's 4-Part 2023 Intuitive Healing Retreats.
This is Part IV of the Divine Feminine Series.
Topic: Aligning with your Highest Timeline to your Divine Feminine
You are a strong, beautiful Divine Feminine and it's time to clear your energy and deep connection to it.

In this 4-Part Divine Feminine series, you will access step into your Divine Feminine, Clear you Frequency , Heal your Sacred Womb, and Align with the Highest Timeline of your Divine Feminine.

It's time to heal the space of your Feminine Power, which is your sacred womb.  Our womb holds the key to our intuition and the power of its fullness. As you connect to this special part of you, you connect to that feminine divinity.  It is a place that holds your experiences with your partners, lovers, religious thoughts and beliefs, beliefs about sexuality derived from parents, along with any childhood trauma, childbirth trauma, abuse and anything that has to do with this sacred part of us.  

Sexuality is an important aspect of the Divine Feminine and is something sacred.  Did you know that you hold the energy of all your intimate partners in your sacred womb? This is why it is important to clear their frequency, cut cords and have DNA clearings, which will be a part of these retreats. We will clear any and all sexual energy, miscarriage energy, and abuse frequency.

Your sexual energy also has a creativity and manifesting aspect to it, which we will bring out to create your optimal life and align to your highest timeline.   As you embrace your divine feminine you will align to your ideal partner and live in the new aspect of this.  You will also be placed in a special Divine Feminine Healing Chamber!

Light Language encoded healing, galactic activations and more will come through during these retreats from Susan and her guides.