£33.00 GBP

2021 Healing Retreat: (Part I) Retreat I: Special Healing Chamber of JOY

This is a replay of Susan's November Intuitive Healing Retreats Part I.

In Part I of our monthly Intuitive Healing Retreat, you will be placed in a tailored Healing Chamber of Joy.

It's time to feel joyful! Tis the season for it too!

As we tend to go through life we forget about the things that make us glow and feel joy. Yet, it is in there, within you, you just need to bring it out again. The feeling a joy comes from very deep inside of us. It's when you glow with ultimate happiness. It can be the feeling that everything is perfect the way it is, that we are where we are meant to be, and that we trust what lies ahead for us. Are you ready to experience more of this? Then join us for our retreat!