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2022 Healing Retreat: (Part I) Releasing Childhood Patterns with Money

This is a replay of Susan's January 2022 Intuitive Healing Retreats Part I.

In Part I of our monthly Intuitive Healing Retreat, you will look at your Releasing Childhood Patterns with Money.

Have you every looked at your relationship with money? What is it like? Do you lack money? Do you overspend? Does it stress you out? What are some patterns you learned from others about money growing up? In this retreat, this is exactly what we will be looking at. Did you know that your money pattern comes from those before that came before you, like your parents, grandparents, and ancestors. Your relationship with money also comes from your childhood experiences and what you saw as a child in your home environment. Let's look at what some of those patterns and experiences are and release them to have a better union with MONEY!