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2022 Healing Retreat: (Part I) Clearing the Blocks of your Multi-Dimensional Self

This is a replay of Susan's July 2022 Intuitive Healing Retreats Part I.

Are you ready to activate your inner Alchemy and Multidimensional Self?

In Part I of our monthly Intuitive Healing Retreat, we will Clear the Blocks to your Multi-dimensional Self.

What is alchemy? Alchemy, in the 17th century, was described as a form of transforming something into matter. It was mainly an attempt to convert base metals into gold and silver to find a universal elixir. King Midas wanted to be filled with riches, so he asked that everything he touched turn to gold. He was trying to use alchemy to his advantage, although he wanted it for riches instead of helping others with his mighty touch. Now in our 21st century, we can still achieve this Midas Touch, but only by looking within ourselves, our blocks, beliefs, wounds, and fears. This new Midas Touch doesn't turn anything to gold, but can instead bring healing to our inner multidimensional self. As we begin to clear our blocks we can then begin to heal our bodies, manifest abundance, bring love and relationships, bring career opportunities, and help you be on your spiritual mission. Let's get you to the next level to be a part of the New Golden Age.