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2021 Healing Retreat: (Part I) Open Your Heart Chakra to Infinite & Seamless Love

This is a REPLAY of Susan's 2 hour Monthly Healing Retreat MAY 2021.

In Part I of our monthly intuitive Healing Retreat, you will be Opening Your Heart Chakra to Infinite & Seamless Love.

Your Heart Chakra is one of the most important chakras you possess. It relates to all aspects of the heart energy, which include infinite love, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, and kindness. It is all about love in all its forms for yourself and for others. It is filled with infinite and seamless love that most people have only felt a fraction of. When your heart chakra is blocked, it is hard to give and receive unconditional love. In this retreat, we will open your heart chakra to bring in more of that seamless love that you deserve in order to be able to receive and bring you closer to yourself and loved ones. Susan and her guides will be doing clearings, activations, and light language during this retreat to up level you!