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2023 Healing Retreat: (Part II) Awakening & Activating Your Emotional Light Body

This is a replay of Susan's March & April's 4-Part 2023 Intuitive Healing Retreats.

This is Part II of the Light Body Awakening & Activation Series.

Topic: Awakening & Activating Your Emotional Light Body

Are you ready to be on your awaken and activate your light body?

In this 4-Part Light Body Awakening & Activation Series, you will begin to awaken your light body to ascend from your physical 3D body into a 5D unity consciousness.

Everything within the Universe is composed of light. Human beings are also composed of light. We are a light body. In order for souls to take on a 3D physical body on Earth, we agreed to forget our past and lower our frequency and densify. Now, as we move into the New Golden Age on Earth and into the 5th dimension, we are ready to return to our light bodies. The Old Earth is entering a new upgraded New Earth and we are able expanding with it. As this change occurs, we are beginning to enter a time of returning to our light body frequency. We are beginning to become less dense. As we become a part of the New Earth, in order for us to survive and ascend, we must take in the new high frequency energies and shift our light bodies moving from the dense physical light body, to the emotional light body, to the crystalline light body, and connecting with the Christ consciousness light body to return to ONENESS.

In these 4 retreats, we will be shifting your light body by awakening and activating it to ascend through the different stages to expand your frequency even more. Susan and her guides will be doing a series of activation, light language transmissions, and healing throughout these retreats as well!

Get ready to live in ONENESS!