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2023 Healing Retreat: (Part I) Accessing & Activating your Starseed Family Ascension Crystal

This is the replay of Susan's October 2-Part 2023 Intuitive Healing Retreats.
This is Part I of the Ascension Crystal Activation Series
Topic: Accessing & Activating your Starseed Family Ascension Crystal  

It's time to understand the true essence of your ascension crystal and use it from within to bring you closer to your desires.

In this 2-Part Ascension Crystal series, you will access and activate your Starseed Family ascension crystal. Once activated, you can use it to visualize and manifest an area of your life that needs upgrading!

We all have a particular, individualized crystal that connects us to Mother Earth via our Earth Star.  It's a crystal unique to each one of us that has its own color, shape, and brilliance perfect for you.  During these retreats, you will be able to access and activate your own crystalline crystal to keep you on your ascension pathway.  As we go through this process, your own Starseed family will be present to guide you and bestow the crystal that belongs to you.  As you connect with them, you will gain guidance, insights, and wisdom to your own Mission as well!  You will also be placed in a Galactic Crystalline Chamber to activate your ascension crystal in the crystalline field.  

Once activated, you will then learn to visualize and manifest with the power and frequency of your crystal.  Choosing a particular area of your life, you will go through a process and learn to create and change it. How amazing is that!  Through the power of your ascension crystal, you will be able to transform your life. Intention and visualization can bring your manifestations to life.  

The Ascended Masters, your guides, angels, galactics, and starseed family will be present during these retreats to help you on your ascension journey and align you to your crystal.