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2023 3-Day Manifesting Masterclass

This is a replay of Susan's 2023 3-Day Masterclasses.

Be a part of this unique 3-day masterclass to manifest with the Ascended Masters and step further onto your Ascension Pathway.

Each day, we will awaken, align, and activate your light body to a higher frequency to get you closer to the 5D New Earth energy and manifest your wealth consciousness codes in all areas of your life! 


We will work on Aligning to your Optimal Ascension Timeline, by clearing all the self-talk and inner talk. We will become more present to align to the best version of ourselves to move away from the 3D dense Earth and catapult you to your next best timeline. 


We will work on your Crystalline Light field and living in your light body frequency. As we continue to move into the 4D to the 5D, we will embrace a new Heaven on Earth to help us expand our light field. 


We will work with the Ascended Masters to manifest your wealth consciousness codes in all areas of your life and dream big. Looking at the next steps into your mission and journey on the 5D New Golden Earth.

Each of the days we will be working with your inner child, past lives, ancestral lineage, akashic records to clear and heal these areas, along with activating your wealth consciousness codes to expand your frequency to bring in more in all areas of your life. The Ascended Masters, which can include Melchizedek, Metatron, Jeshua, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Merlin, Master Katumi, Galactic Beings such as the Sirian High Council, the Pleiadean Collective, Archangels, and More, will bring in channeling messages and activations to step your further on your ascension pathway. No matter where you are on your journey, this masterclass will shift you to your next most blessed and abundant timeline. Susan and the Ascended Masters will take you through many different processes and activations, including light codes and light language, to align you to your optimal wealth consciousness.