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2024 Healing Retreat: (Part I) Embodying Your Highest Aspect of your Multidimensional Self/Self-Love

Join us on our new 6-part retreat series of Embodying the Higher Aspects  of our Multidimensional Self in different areas of our lives and also receiving Galactic activations to fully embody these new aspects!

Our multidimensional self is the multiple levels of awareness that our consciousness experiences during our lifetime. We are more than we can imagine, more than we think or believe we are. There are numerous parts or aspects that make up who and what we really are. When we begin to awaken and increase our level of awareness and consciousness, we begin our journey into our multi-dimensionality.

Since birth, we experience the world with our five senses and this gets emphasized through our years of learning via our parents, schooling, and media.  Yet, we are more than that! When we understand this, that's when we start seeing our consciousness expand and encompass more of what we truly are.  As you understand that you are a multidimensional being, you begin to enjoy different aspects of your Self.  You begin to awaken to your true nature and your own power, thus stretching yourself and your imagination beyond your five senses.  As your spiritual journey takes you toward a higher level of evolution, you learn to occupy multiple levels of awareness within a single consciousness. You can then become aware of, encompass, and hold multiple dimensions of your Self. That's your true power as a multidimensional being.  

These retreats will help you embody the highest aspects of your multidimensional self in a particular area, thus embodying the Self aspect of more self-love, loving relationships, money and abundance, your spiritual mission, a healthy physical body, and more!  Susan and her guides will hold the space during these transformative retreats and bring in an activation in each area, thus upgrading your DNA, Chakras, and Frequency.