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2022 Healing Retreat: (Part I) Karmic Healing of our Childhood Traumas, Triggers, & Experiences

This is a replay of Susan's May 2022 Intuitive Healing Retreats Part I.

Is Karma Affecting You?

Did you know that Karmic Debt can Affect Life in Many Ways?

In Part I of our monthly Intuitive Healing Retreat, we will heal our Karma from Childhood Traumas, Triggers, & Experiences.

What is Karma? How does it play out in our life? Why do we need to heal it? Did you know it affects all areas of our life? Karma is a spiritual journey in our human experience. We come here to Earth to experience life and learn lessons. One believes that it can either be good or bad, but that's not correct, that's our mind making a judgment of what karma is. Karma is only about learning and gaining experience in what we chose to go through in our human life. As children, we experience many traumas and triggers that create our life patterns. As these patterns keep occurring in our adulthood, we must learn to discern the lesson in order to clear the karma creating it. As we begin to clear karma, we begin to ascend. In order to be a part of the 5D New Earth we must clear our karmic debts to experience only unconditional love, peace, and happiness.