About Susan

I started off my career training traditionally with a Psychology degree and a Post Graduate Degree in Psychotherapy at the Tavistock in North London.  I worked for over 10 years in London’s local authority as a therapist in child protection. This led me to understand the patterns of trauma that people experience and how we could prevent it. I felt that we as a society and most definitely as a local authority were putting a plaster on the problem and not preventing it from happening in the first place. My cases included working with drugs, alcohol, domestic, sexual and physical abuse. I worked with the children who were suffering from this abuse and the adults who were so powerless that became the abusers. I was fortunate to be able to work on both sides. At the time, I had no idea where this invaluable work would lead me. During this period of my professional development, I also developed my soul’s journey and my purpose for being here.  This led me to follow a parallel path. I explored who I truly was by reading spiritual books, learning meditation and attending talks and workshops.  I found myself using my connection to spirit or upstairs as I call it. I had the ability to tune in directly with a client’s presenting issue.  Since then, I have used my finely tuned intuition on a daily basis both in my professional career and personally.  Once again had no concept of how this was to fit into my life and the passion I have developed as an intuitive Emotional Freedom Practitioner. I added many different healing modalities to my practice such as Reiki, Natural Nutrition and the miraculous tool EFT. I am trained by AAMET to 3rd Level and hold an AMT Master Practitioner and Trainer Qualification.  I am a Theta Healing advanced practitioner and can help you release ancestral patterns and blocks to live a free and successful life. I run professional training courses and workshops, teach groups, see individual clients both in person and on Skype internationally and I speak professionally.  I also write articles and I am in the process of writing a book to help people understand that we have the power to heal ourselves and how to sparkle to success. I work with companies to help them to increase sales and revenue. I work those who have experienced significant pressure in their lives, such as accidents, early trauma and relationship issues. I work with pregnancy and birth trauma helping in the process of healing the past to create a future without fear. It is my passion and intention that we all feel empowered and have the choice  to have what we truly want in our lives. I believe on a soul level that we choose our spiritual journey and that the obstacles along the way help us to learn to love ourselves more.  I also believe that in this lifetime we are meant to stand fully in our power, speak our truth and make choices from clarity. By clearing our energy fields we are able to be more connected to who we truly are and we are able to listen to what our mind and body needs. As an energy practitioner I do not diagnose, cure or claim to heal any mental or physical conditions and advise any new client to consult their GP or medical practitioner. You are your own Healer Within.