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Cosmic Ordering: A Process of Creating with Your Guides

Enjoy this powerful process of Cosmic Ordering with your guides, where you work directly with your Council to create what you want in your life. What exactly do you want to bring into your life in the areas of love, relationships, money, career, health, and other areas. Have fun creating!

Cosmic Ordering Process Only £8

“My soul's mission is to help you heal any unwanted emotions, physical problems and limiting beliefs so that you can align fully to your mission.”

- Susan Kennard

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Welcome to Your Healing Journey
with Susan Kennard

​Align Your Body, Mind, & Spirit with Love allowing you to live your mission.

The most important thing to know is that you are your own healer. You have the power to transform your life and heal from within. It is a choice and you must be willing to make that choice to embark on a journey of self love and self healing. Susan has helped thousands of people empower themselves and support their inner healing through different tools and by channeling her Universal Team while holding the space for them. It is a path that all begins WITHIN and with YOU.

Susan is known as a Spiritual Scientist and understands that people like herself like evidence. Susan bridges the Science and the Spiritual closing the gap of skepticism with her intuitive skills and scientific knowledge.

As a psychologist, psychotherapist and neuro-psychologist she blends these science skills with her inner work and intuition to help understand the best way people can heal from within.

Over the years, she has used different tools, processes, and activation's to help people to access their self love and let go of the past.

Susan was given the gift of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, which she combines with her knowledge of the spiritual world.

She is a teacher and works with many guides, the ascended masters, angels, and galactic guides.

She also uses light language, sings tones, and sees DNA transform during these sessions. Her extensive psychology and psychotherapy knowledge works perfectly with the inner child work her guides have developed with her lots of processes to help empower her clients.

Whether you have experienced serious trauma, have a diagnosis or just want to align more fully to your mission, Susan can help you heal on your path. Susan is the creator of a new Galactic Healing Technology, which enables people to simply trust and surrender as they are symbolically are taken into the Galactic Crystal Chambers.

Her mission and work inspires her and she loves doing it every single day. She is here to help you release all of that unwanted energy, belief, and experiences that are held within your energy field so that you can heal. To be fully aligned with your mission. The most important thing is to reflect the vibration of love. The more love we reflect, the more amazing our life is and the universe is able to line up for us to heal and receive. Once you heal, then you become the best version of yourself and transform your life into one of passion and freedom.

Are you ready to live a life of Freedom, Love and Abundance?

Step Into Your Soul Love & Begin your Self Love Journey ​​with Susan Kennard TODAY!

Susan is known as a Spiritual Scientist, a specialist in Early Childhood Trauma and originally was a Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Child Protection within Local Authority. She has over 20 years of extensive experience working with trauma including Veterans and PTSD. Susan works mostly on Zoom and telephone allowing distance to be no barrier. Susan has appeared on national TV, Newspapers and magazines and is regularly interviewed about her transformative work and teaching on tele-summits, pod casts and other media platforms. Susan is a professional speaker and presenter and speaks publicly at conferences about her research and new innovations within her work.

Essentially Susan’s work helps you to release fear allowing LOVE and more light to be reflected from your cells into your inner and outer experience. It’s a bit like a mirror. Your external life is a mirror and it is this mirror that tells you how you are vibrating. She does this by combining her traditional training and her spiritual gifts.

Meet Susan Kennard

Spiritual Scientist using a combination of science and intuition.

BA hons Psychology, PG Dip Psy Obs, EFT Master Practitioner & Trainer, Meta Health, Theta adv DNA, 5D Angelic Healing, ​Mindfulness Trainer, Founder Sparkle to Success


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Susan works internationally via Zoom, Skype & Phone from the UK to anywhere around the world. Susan has clients throughout the globe.


So today I had my third session with Susan. What can I say but I feel like a huge ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders. I have been carrying around some pretty heavy stuff right from the age of 4. Just after my first session I felt more empowered and free. After my 2nd session I felt much more positive and confident. Today I feel like nothing is going to stop me from achieving what I want from this lifetime. I feel really blessed that Susan has given me guidance to fulfill my true purpose. The different technique's Susan uses is just overwhelming. I feel truly blessed to have received the healing sessions from her. I highly recommend Susan to anyone who is feeling stuck and trapped.

- Roshney

Good friend of mine recommended Susan to me after seeing her on the TV as I had been suffering from depression. I have been single a long time and relationships never ever seem to last, and I was getting more down and depressed about this as time has gone on. I had tried cbt and reiki, but that hadnt really helped me. My three sessions with Susan were amazing, and the perfect amount. I can honestly say I feel so much lighter and free in my heart and in my head, whereas before I felt so down and like there was no hope or light at the end of the tunnel. Susan could really tell a lot about me without me even having to say much, was so amazing. She is such a lovely lady too, I will almost certainly be going back for a session if ever I feel I need one.

- Laura